I DON’T have a ” Top 10 list in Guadeloupe islands”


For someone like me, who loves Guadeloupe islands and is eager to share the beauties of her paradise with travelers, how can I say that “I DON’T have a Top 10 list in Guadeloupe islands” ?

Let me explain! 😉

People usually ask me: “What are the 10 best things to do in Guadeloupe islands?” , “Can you advise the must-see and the must-do?

Yippee!! A new person interested by Guadeloupe!!! I’m always glad to help people discovering my island but I feel a little bit uncomfortable for answering this kind of questions…

Why do travelers ask these questions?

I think that once you have chosen your future holiday destination, it’s normal to figure out what to do there? What to see there? It’s a way to better know the place. Therefore, people are used to rush on Google and search for the Top 10!

  • It’s a comforting attitude. You think that by knowing the top 10 of the destination, you will not miss important things and will for sure, at least, make your travel profitable.
  • It’s an easy solution. It’s an easy way to build your itinerary trip. You don’t have to do too many researches to feel that you know enough the destination. Besides, you don’t have to think about what you really want to do, you just have to follow the Top 10!

Why do I advise to go beyond the Top 10?

Having a look on the “must-see”, “must-do”, “10 best things” in Guadeloupe islands, why not? But I strongly advise to go beyond this! Why?

  • You will find a top 10 list which will not necessary fit the kind of traveler you are. For instance, in Guadeloupe, the volcano “La Soufrière” is a awesome place to go and used to be in the “famous” top 10 list. But, if you don’t like hiking, “La Soufrière” is not a good idea 😉
  • The top 10 lists are limited lists. On these lists, there are only 10 best things to do! You will focus on this 10 things and will miss for sure other great places. Places which could be more in line with your wishes.
  • The Top 10 lists tend to create touristy places. All the tourists gather on these places and therefore the places can lose their original charm.
  • When you follow your must-see list, you tend to be in a hurry and not really enjoy the places you are visiting. As you know, for me, travelling means feel the place, create emotions, meet local people and create unforgettable memories. You need time to do that!

So, for goodness’ sake, don’t limit your trip to a subjective list, be creative, be curious! Create your Unique travel in Guadeloupe islands and let me help you to build it!!

How to create your unique trip in Guadeloupe islands?

Obviously, I will not let you go without helping to define what you will do in Guadeloupe islands. I will be so proud and happy if you manage to draw up your Unique travel: an experience which fits the kind of traveler you are, which allows you to create strong memories, your Unique memories. This travel will be yours and the trip of nobody else.
My way of creating this Unique travel is built on 3 steps.

  • Looking for inspiration about which kind of activities, landscapes, Guadeloupe islands can provide
  • Thinking about what you want to do accordingly with what Guadeloupe islands has to offer
  • Intensifying each step of your travel by creating strong experiences for each of them

My blog’s vocation is to introduce Guadeloupe islands, to inspire you. You will find ideas of what to experience there.
In addition, let me give you in this post an overview of what Guadeloupe islands have to offer. It will be a good starting point to create your dream trip.
For me, there are 6 main kind of activities/experiences to enjoy in Guadeloupe islands:

  1. Immerse in the awesome rainforest environment
  2. Enjoy the beauty of the marine environment (the coasts, the seabeds, the beaches)
  3. Discover the wealth and the diversity of the 3 dependent islands
  4. Feel vibrate the heart of Guadeloupean people in their daily life
  5. Learn about Guadeloupe culture and history
  6. Taste, Savor and Enjoy guadeloupean food

For each of these categories, you have several ways to experience it! And you will build your own must-see, must-do list accordingly with what you like, who you are and what you want to experience.
I give you below some examples of how to experience each of these 6 items and after how to intensify these experiences.

1. Immerse in the awesome rainforest environment


  • Hiking
  • Canyoning
  • Adventure parks (Mongofil | Saint-Claude, Le Tapeur | Route de la traversée, Parc des Mamelles | Route de la traversée)
  • La Soufrière, our volcano | Saint-Claude
  • Waterfalls (Paradise | Capesterre-Belle-Eau, Saut d’acomat | Pointe-Noire, Chute du Carbet | Capesterre-Belle-Eau,
    Rivers (Bassin Bleu |Gourbeyre, Rivière Rouge |Saint-Claude)
  • Rainforest roads (Route de la Traversée, Vallée de Beaugendre | Vieux-Habitants)

In this sample of activities, there is something for every taste. If you are a sportive (hiking, canyoning, volcano, some waterfalls), if you prefer to have more fun (adventure park) or if you don’t want or can’t do a sportive activity (rivers, rainforest roads).

How to intensify these experiences?

  • Don’t only go and see the waterfalls or the rivers, but do like local people have a picnic in these places. Do you know that the favorite local snack for 10 am is grated cucumber with salted codfish in a creole sauce. YUMMY! You can also do barbecue in some picnic areas, why not? Read my previous post: “I love mechoui in Guadeloupe islands”
  • During your rainforest getaway, enjoy the nature around you. You will see tropical fruit (bananas, mangos, cocoa, coconut, vanilla), tropical colored flowers, some animals… Just open your eyes, listen attentively, the magic of the rainforest is just there. ENJOY!

2) Enjoy the beauty of the marine environment (the coasts, the seabeds, the beaches)


  • Beautiful beaches. I will do a post to precise which beach for which activity. Stay connected, subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Water sports (canoeing, surf, kite-surf, sailing)
  • Meetings of cetaceans (whales, dolphins)
  • Awesome coasts viewpoints (Pointe des Châteaux | Saint-François Read my post: “A perfect day at Pointe de Châteaux”, Porte d’enfer | Anse-Bertrand, Pointe de la Grande Vigie | Anse-Bertrand , Gueule Grand Gouffre | Saint-Louis, Marie-Galante)
  • Big-game fishing
  • Catamaran excursions
  • Quads or horses excursions on the coast

How to intensify these experiences?

  • Guadeloupean people are used to enjoy beaches during the week-end. They come in family with all the stuff necessary (food, drinks, music, games). We really love these moments of peace and sharing. Don’t hesitate to talk with us. We will be glad to share a “Ti-punch” with you (our typical rum aperitif).

3) Discover the wealth and the diversity of the 3 dependent islands


In addition, with the main islands Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre (the part called “butterfly”), you can enjoy 3 other inhabited islands:

  • Marie-Galante: the island of pure authenticity
  • Les Saintes: this island has one of the 3 most beautiful bays in the world
  • La Désirade: this is the most intimate island of Guadeloupe archipelago 

How to intensify these experiences?

  • I strongly advise to stay at least one night on the island. Don’t stay only during the day. When the evening is coming, the tourist boats leave and the island remains for the local people. The atmosphere changes and it’s really worth it.

4) Feel vibrate the heart of Guadeloupean people in their daily life


How to intensify these experiences?

  • If you can be invited by Guadeloupean people to share a moment of their life. GO!! It will be unique! I offer to help you organizing these wonderful sharing moments. Have a look on my services.

5) Learn about Guadeloupe culture and history

  • Slavery history: Memorial Act museum | Pointe-à -Pitre, Fort Delgrès | Basse-Terre
  • Museums of coffee, cocoa, banana
  • Rum factories
  • Creole gardens
  • Meet local craftspersons

How to intensify these experiences?

  • Some craftspersons will teach you how to make your own souvenirs. For instance, you could make by yourself your beautiful earrings with local seeds.

6) Taste, Savor and Enjoy guadeloupean food

Every moment in Guadeloupean life is a good moment to eat something 🙂
Try our typical dishes, appetizers, drinks, desserts. You will not be disappointed!
I will do a specific post about food in Guadeloupe islands. Stay connected, subscribe to the newsletter.
Where to try our Guadeloupean food?

  • In restaurants, a good mobile application to find good restaurant is “Food’iles”
  • In food trucks along the streets
  • On the beaches with the street sellers
  • On the markets

How to intensify these experiences?

  • Guadeloupean people love street food. You will find food trucks everywhere! On the evening, we also love gather on the central square of the village to enjoy street foods. The more common one is the “bokit”, it’s a kind of burger… but in a local way (fried bread filled with chicken and creole sauce). Try it and comment below to tell me your feeling about the famous“bokit”!

How this way of preparing your trip in Guadeloupe islands will benefit you?

By doing these 3 steps: Inspire, Select and Intensify, you will give you the opportunities to create your Unique travel. You will not limit your trip to the Top 10 list of someone else but you will build your own Top 10 list. And I’m sure, it will be the perfect one for you 😉
To finish, for me, the step “Intensify” is the more important step for building an unforgettable travel in my islands. Indeed, Guadeloupe island is this kind of destination where you can really experience strong emotions, create links with local people and learn new things that will remain for your entire life.

The value of my “Guadeloupe Yourself” services is to assist you in this important planning step. I am sure that having an inside and complete view of Guadeloupe islands destination is really a strength to customize your Unique trip.

So, now, move into action! Prepare your next trip in Guadeloupe islands!

  • Which kind of experience do you want to have during your next travel?
  • What are your main difficulties to organize it?
  • What could help you?

Let me know by commenting below!
I hope this post is a great source of information.

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