A perfect day at Pointe des Chateaux


Today, I would like to share ideas for one day in the extreme east part of Guadeloupe islands: Pointe des Chateaux.

This area in Guadeloupe is for lovers of big place where nature is wild and preserved from human hands. Here the nature expresses itself by the beauty of its wild sea, its vertiginous cliffs, its gorgeous panoramas and its rich undersea life.

First of all, to reach this area, you should take the road D118 from the city of Saint-François. Once you will be at the extreme point, you will have a parking to park your car.

The sunrise

The perfect day at Pointe des Chateaux starts, for me, with the breathtaking show of its sunrise. This sunrise is the most beautiful sunrise you could experience in Guadeloupe islands.

I love starting my day in Guadeloupe with the beauty of a sunrise. This moment will be for sure a unique instant of your trip in Guadeloupe, it will worth it, trust me.

To enhance, this moment, I advise you to climb the cliff and to reach the cross overhanging this amazing landscape.
There, I’ m pretty sure you will be alone to enjoy this suspended moment. You will admire the sunrise on all Guadeloupe islands. Look at the horizon, you will see La Désirade, les Saintes, Marie-Galante, Petite-Terre.

Is it not wonderful???

Some practical advices:

  • To enjoy the sunrise, you will have to climb the cliff at night, it’s an easy hiking, there are stairs to help you.The climb takes around 20 minutes. It’s better to have good shoes, because of the darkness. Take also a light, it will be useful. This place is also windy, maybe a windbreaker could be useful
  • The sunrise in Guadeloupe it’s early in the morning, around 6 am. Don’t hesitate to check the meteo the night before to have the exact time of the sunrise and also the weather. 

For even more emotions:

Why don’t you take advantage of this moment of deep serenity to do a Yoga session in front of the immensity of the ocean perched on your quiet cliff.

Interested? I can help you organizing this unforgettable experience. Have a look on my services.

The hiking

Even if, you decided to not attend to the show of the sunrise 😥  , Pointe des Chateaux is this kind of place which is amazing whatever the moment you will be there.

I will warmly recommend you to enjoy the pleasure of hiking in this incredible place. There are almost 5 different hiking trails. I will recommend the one starting by the climb of the cliff to reach the cross. This hiking trail is called “Le Morne Pavillon”. It’s an easy one, not too long (1 hour for 2 km) which will allow you to enjoy beautiful sights.

For the route:

  • Walk along the beach
  • Take the path to the cross
  • Admire the view from the cross
  • Do not turn back in the previous path
  • Walk along the cliffs
  • Take the path to the Pointe la Chaise
  • Go through the rocky reef
  • Cross over the path Anse Degrat
  • Follow the path back to the road
  • Turn right at the intersection 

You’re done! 🙂

Be sure to have enough water and good sun protection (sunscreen and hat), the sun is really intense there.

The beaches

Pointe des Chateaux is known also for its incredible beaches. There are more than 10 beaches in this area.

My favorite one is “Les Salines” beach. It’s not far away the extreme point of Pointe des Chateaux.
I love it because it’s a long white sand beach with the island of La Desirade in the background. The beauty of the sea colors lets me speechless everytime I come there, as well as its fine white sand.Besides, this beach is often a deserted one with nobody. It is still remaining a wild one, you will not find there any sellers or restaurants.

However, the sun can also be hard there, there is no place in the shade Take a parasol if it can be useful for you.


The snorkeling

Snorkeling is a well-known activity during your travel in Guadeloupe islands and Pointe des Chateaux is a good place to experience it. For instance, the beach “Les Salines” is a wonderful spot for snorkeling. Indeed, the seabed are incredibly rich. At swimming distance of the coastline, you will see tropical fishes, colorful corals and cute starfishes.

Don’t hesitate, this beach is a good spot for everybody: beginners, experienced people, children and adults.

“La Douche”

“La douche” is a surprising natural spot meaning in english “The Shower”. It’s a small rocky cavity where the water rushes into before splashes on the bathers.

This place is not well-marked, to find it: In direction of Pointe des Chateaux, from the turn called “La coulée”, counting 2.8 km and stop on the roadside. Walk in the mini forest that leads to the sea. The place is a bit hidden, at the left of a small beach.

Don’t be shy and try this funny experience!


The “Rhumerie des Pirates” restaurant

A good day discovering Guadeloupe beauties will not be full without a tasty part. Let me help you, my dear food lovers 🙂

When I spent some time in this part of my island, I always have a stop at the Restaurant “La Rhumerie des Pirates” in Pointe des Chateaux. Yes, I’m a food lover too 🙂
The young and creative chief Miguel cooks amazing revisited and inventive creole food. A delight!
My favorite menu is:

  • The starter: “L’assiette Karukera”, it’s a mixed of all typical creole starters (cod fritters, blood pudding and stuffed crab)
  • The main course: “Fricassé de lambi”, it’s fricassee of conche, a typical seafood. I love it! ♥♥♥
  • The desert: The tiramusu 

Don’t forget to taste a rum among the well stocked cave.

Some practical advices:

  • Book before coming, the place is well known and the tables in front of the sea are quickly busy. The phone number is: +590 590 83-2594
  • The restaurant is open every day for lunch and only on friday and saturday for dinner
  • The restaurant is on the road of Pointe des Chateaux
  • Please find here the restaurant‘s website: La Rhumerie du Pirate


The souvenirs shopping

Now, for the shopping lovers 😉 At Pointe des Chateaux, you have two shops where you can buy souvenirs of Guadeloupe islands. Souvenirs for me, is a part of the travel. In Guadeloupe islands, you have a lot of craftspersons who design and create beautiful items. I will soon make a new posts on the blog about souvenirs and arts and craft in Guadeloupe. Stay connected, subscribe to the newsletter.
In these two shops, you will find beautifuls souvenirs coming from Guadeloupe and also other manufactured items (coming from China grrrrrr…..).

  • Le village Artisanal de Saint-François
  • La Maison de la Noix de Coco 

Both of them are located on Pointe des Chateaux road.

The sunset

I could not finish this post without talking about sunset, it will end perfectly your wonderful day at Pointe des Chateaux.
As sunrise, sunset is for me, a important and unforgettable memory of my travel. How lucky you are! Pointe des Chateaux is also a good spot to enjoy this moment.
I used to sit down on the beach of les Salines, after a day enjoying its beauties, with a “sorbet coco” (coconut traditional ice cream) staring at the horizon to contemplate this natural show.

Some practical advices:

  • The sunset is around 6pm in Guadeloupe islands. As for the sunrise, check the meteo the night before to have the exact time of the sunset and also the weather.
  • For the “Sorbet Coco”, there are typical sellers offering their handmade ice cream near the parking area close to the cliff.

Ready to experience Pointe des Chateaux in Guadeloupe islands?

I hope all these inside insights will help you during your trip there.

If you want more details, don’t hesitate to contact me or to let me a comment. I will be happy to read you, and glad to help you! 🙂

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  1. Alex | 16th Oct 16

    Such an awesome blog! Most beautiful tips, described with so many details and love that I feel super prepared and already have a big list of must go sees when we will fly over in december. When reading it I feel like I see guadeloupe through the eyes of a local. Thanks for all the personal details. You made me fall in love with an island I didn’t even visit yet.

    • Vitty | 16th Oct 16

      Thank you very much for this nice comment!! My objective is really to help travelers experiencing Guadeloupe islands from inside! Enjoy your stay in Guadeloupe !

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