From New York to Guadeloupe islands for less than 650 US$


Dear my US friends,

What do you think about enjoying an amazing deserted beach in Guadeloupe islands while your friends are freezing in New York ‘s winter? Or maybe  would you prefer swimming in a gorgeous waterfall lost in the lush  rainforest?

Whatever your wishes for your dreamed winter getaway, Guadeloupe islands is the perfect place to experience it!

Have a look on my previous post 10 good reasons to discover Guadeloupe islands and don’t hesitate anymore!

Guadeloupe islands are just waiting for you! Hurry up!!

At this stage, I’m sure you think: “Yes I would love to be on these beautiful beaches, but this trip is too expensive for me. I could never afford it …”

You can experience my idyllic islands during a 7 days trip for less than 650 US$, flight, accommodation and car rental included.


In my example you will travel from New York  to Guadeloupe islands, from 02/08 to 02/15 .


Your flight will be provided by Norgewian Airlines for 218 US$ per person. This rate is from 02/08 to 02/15,  the perfect period to experience the atmosphere of Guadeloupe islands. Indeed, at this time, Carnival is going there, and it‘s a “must” to enjoy. Have a look on my previous post: Carnival is coming in Guadeloupe islands

Note: Norgewian Airlines  also proposes direct flight from Boston, Baltimore and Fort  Laurderdale, started price is 89$US

Click here for more details about  the flight.


Once you will land in your future destination, you could stay  in Lodge Rosewood guest house,  a charming guest house in the nature for 560US$ for the week (5* in aibnb). You will enjoy a wonderful view near all rainforest activities.

Click here for Lodge Rosewood guest house details

 lodge-rosewood-guest-house-2-mini-guadeloupe  lodge-rosewood-guest-house-1-mini-guadeloupe

Car rental

The car rental  will not exceed 300US$ for the week.

So, for the 7 days trip for a person:

  • Flight: 218US$
  • Accommodation: 280U$S per person (560/2)
  • Car rental: 150US$ per person (300/2)

Total: 648US$

*This simulation has be done on 10/25, the prices could have been changed.

If my proposal dates don’t match with your wishes or if you prefer an accommodation near the beach than the rainforest or whatever 🙂 Please contact me, I will be glad to help you!

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