In this package, I offer to give you a boost in the preparation of your trip.

Whether you need an advice, an answer to a specific question, activity ideas, good plans, contact partners, I’d be happy to help you.

After completing a questionnaire that will allow me to better understand your desires, we will talk together for 30 minutes on the phone or Skype to help you build your ideal trip.

It will be a completely customized session which should allow you to save time and be more efficient in the preparation of your stay.

At the end of this session, I will send you a memento of our call with all necessary reminders  to start organising your trip.  I will provide you also a practical guide for Guadeloupe.

 Price: 100US$ / 90EUR


I offer  also two additional options:

1- Meet a local people (free option)

With this option, I will connect you with someone living in Guadeloupe. This person will be glad to make you discover a special moment of her/his life in Guadeloupe.

For instance, she/he could share time with you when she/he will go to the market. After, she/he could show you how she/he cooks  typical dishes for the lunch.

2- Organize a special moment during your trip for you (paying option)

By trying this option , you want me to organize a specific activity/moment for you.

For instance, you want to organize a romantic day   and want a help to have this perfect day

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