In this package, I will organize your trip for you. I will build it accordingly with your wishes.
My objective is to give you all the elements of your trip at the end of the service.

How it will happen?

  • I will send you a questionnaire to fill to know more about you and your wishes for the trip.
  • We will talk for one hour on phone or skype. It will be time for me to learn to know you. I am convinced that to offer you a more personalized service possible, I have to understand the way you travel, the reason for this trip, what you like, what you don’t like, the criteria that are important to you, your hobbies, your passions, …
  • At this stage, I will have all the necessary information, I will work in backstage to organize your ideal trip.
  • We will have a second call and I will show you your customized trip. We will make the necessary adjustments until you feel completely OK with the trip.
  • Once your trip will be validated, I will send you your unique travel guide which will be your bible during this holiday in Guadeloupe.

Accordingly to the trip we will have customized for you, your travel guide will include:

  • Accommodation proposals (all types of accommodation will be possible)
  • A day by day itinerary in Guadeloupe.
    For each day, you will have the places to enjoy, the way to get there, your activities with the partner contact, the price, the address.
    Your tourist trail is designed to optimize your transport time and incorporate time constraints (activities available only some days of the week).
  • Tips to experience Guadeloupe from inside
    As you know, my mission is to help you create emotions during your trip in Guadeloupe. I would like to help you connect with local life, local people and for sure build unforgettable memories. To achieve this genuine wish, I will give you advices to allow you day after day to experience Guadeloupe from inside.
  • A practical guide on Guadeloupe with all necessary information you will need.

The package will not include any booking (flight, accommodation, car rental, activities).

Price: 335US$/300 EUR


With this package, I offer also two additional options:

1- Make the booking for you (paying option)

With this option , I will make the booking for you.
I will book the accommodation, the car rental and the activities.
The flight ticket booking still remains excluded.

2- Meet a local people (free option)

By trying this option, I will connect you with someone living in Guadeloupe. This person will be glad to make you discover a special moment of her/his life in Guadeloupe.

For instance, she/he could share time with you when she/he goes to the market. After, she/he could show you how she/he cooks typical dishes for the lunch.

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