“Voyajé jénès! Ay vwè tout sa la tè ka pòté. Ni onlo bèl biten dè lòt koté à lanmè la. Mè an ja sav ou ké rèvinn asi ti mòso tè aw: Gwadloup sé pli bèl koté ou ké jwenn! “

From my dear grandmother

(“Go and travel! Discover everything our earth can show you. There are so many beautiful places to see overseas. But I already know that you will come back on your island: Guadeloupe is the most beautiful place you will ever find!”)

My grandmother told me these words when I left Guadeloupe ten years ago and you know what? She was right!

I left my native island and I traveled and discovered so different countries (India, Usa, Spain, Portugal, Nepal, Thailand, and so others places). This abroad experiences allow me learn so many things that I would like to share with you thanks to guadeloupeforyou.com.

  • Traveling is not only visiting somewhere behind the objective of a camera but really experience the place. That means feel the vibrations of the place, taste the dishes, interact with local people… The pleasure is to create emotions, create deep relationships and build memories to take back home.
  • Traveling is also a  huge time spent  to organize the trip. You know, searching on the Internet for the best accommodation, the best things to do, the good restaurants, the typical activities, the best providers and so on. Besides, you can be hampered by the language barrier if you look for authentic tips from local people who don’t speak your language.
  • Traveling helps you to reconnect with yourself. And I learnt that I really LOVE my native island Guadeloupe. This place is really the most beautiful place I know. Really! Guadeloupe deserves to be better known all around the world.

For all these reasons, I offer you my services “ Guadeloupe yourself!”.  A travel coaching services to help you organizing your travel in Guadeloupe

What is my “Guadeloupe yourself” coaching?

  • Engagement: It’s a privileged relationship with a native of Guadeloupe passionate about her island and eager to share her knowledge. This is a close relationship which will take place in good humor, professionalism, and genuine desire to build together.
  • Personalisation: It’s a service tailored for your needs and your values. My will is to offer  a trip that suits you. You will experience Guadeloupe according to what worth for you. You will learn new things that interest you. And this travel will be your UNIQUE experience of Guadeloupe.
  • Authenticity: It’s a coaching focused on the discovery of an authentic Guadeloupe. “Guadeloupe yourself” wants to be your bible to discover the island from within. I will make you a trip with my eyes native of Guadeloupe. You will benefit from immersion in the local lifestyle.

I want to help you create emotions during your trip in Guadeloupe. My services will help you enter in strong touch with local life. You will learn new things that worth for you, experience new activities and for sure build unforgettable memories.
You want to discover my paradise and are ready to “Guadeloupe yourself”! Go and try my services.

“Guadeloupe yourself” coaching is for you if:

  • You feel lost among the jungle of information available on the Internet. You want a personalized trip that you like and need a help to build it.
  • You want to give an unique color to your trip: a sports trip, a wellness trip, a romantic trip, a trip about the history of slavery … you will love to create your own experience of Guadeloupe
  • You want to be amazed by the beauty of the landscape of Guadeloupe but also discover the Guadeloupe from within. Experience Guadeloupe means for you make authentic connections with local life.

Do not hesitate more, “Guadeloupe yourself” is a service designed to assist you in accomplishing your dream trip in Guadeloupe.

Try my services

I offer two different packages :



For Who?

For Who?

If you want to organize by yourself your trip but need some advices, answers to start If you want someone to organize your trip for you. You don’t have time or you just don’t want to spend hours on differents sites…



  • A questionnaire to fill with a description of your travel project, your questions
  • 30 minutes phone or skype to discuss and help you
  • A questionnaire to fill with a description of your travel project, your questions
  • 1 hour phone or skype to discuss about your wishes for the trip
  • 1 hour phone or skype to present your customize

At the end ?

At the end ?

  • A memento with all the tips/ contacts given during our call
  • A Practical guide on Guadeloupe
  • Your customized travel guide included your itinerary, activity for each day
  • A Practical guide on Guadeloupe
  • My personal assistance before and during your trip in Guadeloupe

More options

More options

  • Free option: Possibility to meet a native person from Guadeloupe to share a moment with him/her
  • Paying option: Organize a specific moment/activities for you during the trip
  • Free option: Possibility to meet a native person from Guadeloupe to share a moment with him/her
  • Paying option: Book the activities / providers (except flight ticket)
  • Paying option: Organize a surprise moment for you during your travel

Price: 100US$ / 90EUR

Price: 335US$ / 300EUR