I Love Mechoui in Guadeloupe


When I think about Guadeloupe Islands, a tradition comes immediately on my mind : Mechoui !

You certainly know what it is or you have heard this word before because this dish is well-known in the cuisine of Northern Africa.

There is a something special in Guadeloupe islands because Mechoui designated two differents things.

In the one hand, it’s a dish : a whole sheep or a whole lamb spit-roasted on a barbecue.

In Guadeloupe Islands, the flavoring of the sheep is an highly important step maybe the most important one. I remember, my uncle flavoring the meat the day before with a mix of our best Caribbean spices : parsley, thyme, vegetarian chilli, some garlic, some chives, limes and without forgetting bay leaves.

I thought that my oncle was an artist who was creating an artwork !

Then, this meat need to rest at least one night before the next step.

On the other hand, Mechoui is the time while the sheep is spit-roasted on the barbecue.

Everyone is around the barbecue looking at their future meals impatiently . And it’s really a great moment in a good atmosphere. People are laughing loudly about jokes, people are telling story about the past, people are talking about the joy you can experience when you are around a Mechoui in Guadeloupe 🙂

Mechoui is a tradition rooted in Guadeloupean culture. You can enjoy it for birthdays, for religious celebrations, for wedding, for any reasons which is enough good to make a Mechoui ! 🙂

It’s really a great sharing moment in Guadeloupe. We love eating, laughing and spending time together talking about everything and nothing! So, what’s better than a Mechoui??

Now close your eyes and imagine it’s Friday in Grand-Bourg of Marie-Galante :

You are on a hill with an incredible see view.
You are feeling a slight alizés cuddling your head.
You are smelling the grilled ship surrounded by all the spices.
You are hearing people talking loudly about how the Mechoui seems good in this sunny day.

Honestly, what do you want just NOW ?!  😉

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