Guadeloupe islands, the perfect holidays destination with kids

This morning, I rediscovered the pleasure of enjoying Bois-Jolan beach with my daughter. My daughter is 3 years old, and she really loves when we go to this beach.  Me too,  when I was a kid, I spent some much time playing in the sand with my sisters and my cousines. We loved doing sand castles, catching small crabs, making water battles. We didn’t see the time going….

Bois Jolan beach, Guadeloupe islands

Growing up in a such awesome environment was a real richness.

If you have kids, offer them this wonderful experience. They will love it! Guadeloupe islands is really a perfect place to have holidays.

Everything there, is as a same level of safety, comfort, hygiene than in mainland France. The accommodation in the hotels and in the guest-houses are adapted for kids. The roads are in good conditions. And there are so many things to do that your children will not feel bored for one second.

Let me give you some advices to enjoy it at best:

Practical advices:

  • The sun in Guadeloupe Islands is very hot. You need to protect your kids. The perfect panoply is: sunscreen adapted for kid, a hat that can be wet, sunglasses, and if their skin is really fragile, you can even buy swimwear with anti UV integrated.
  • As a consequence of the sun, give them a lot of water to drink. They will often be in the sea and will not feel thirsty but keep in mind to often hydrate them. You can bring with you a soft cooler. It will not take up much space in your luggage and will ensure you always fresh drinks.
  • In Guadeloupe islands, we have mosquitos. Grrrrr…. Protect your kids with an anti-mosquito cream. And at night, they should wear light long sleeve clothing and pants. Also take soothing cream for mosquito bites.
  • You can rent your childcare equipment directly on the island on this website: I advise you to prefer the baby carrier rather than the stroller for your movements in Guadeloupe islands.
  • Roads can be winding. Children (and adults too 🙂 ) can suffer from motion sickness. A medicine against motion sickness can be useful.

Food & Drinks

Your children will be happy with the food they will taste in Guadeloupe islands. One of our specialities is chicken in colombo sauce. It will be a delight for your kid. Our sweet specialties will also make them happy. They can try our typical « sorbet coco » (traditional coconut ice-cream) or « sino-bowl » (crushed ice with grenadine syrup) sold by street sellers on the beach. We also have awesome fruits (bananas, pineapple, watermelon, sugarcane,…). They will be able to enjoy fresh delicious fruit juices.

If your kids are more conventional, you will often find in restaurants a kid-menu with french fries and ice-cream 😉

Kid-Friendly beaches and waterfalls

Bois Jolan beach, Guadeloupe islands

In Guadeloupe islands, the majority of the beaches are safe for children. Nevertheless, there are not safeguards on the beaches, so, watch carefully your children when they are in the sea. My favorite spot to enjoy beach with my daughter is Bois Jolan beach at Sainte-Anne. The lagoon is a beautiful azure blue and the sea is calm and shallow. There are plenty of shaded areas to protect yourselves from the sun’s rays. However, it’s a wild beach, so you will not find there shops to buy foods, drinks. You should bring back what you will need.

As far as waterfalls are concerned, the most accessible for children are those of « Cascades aux écrevisses » in the road called Route de la traversée, Les Mamelles. There is 10 minutes easy walk to enjoy this beautiful place. The natural pool called « Paradise » on the road of Chute du Carbet in Capesterre Belle-Eau is also a kid-friendly waterfall. When you enjoy rivers in Guadeloupe islands,be careful when you walk on the rocks, they can be very slippery. Especially when they are covered with green algae.


In the rainforest…, Tropical Zoo, Guadeloupe islands

In Guadeloupe islands, the environment is so kid-friendly that you will not need to necessary provide paying activities to entertain your children. Nevertheless, I can suggest you these activities, they will suit your children for sure.

Where I am? Racoon, Tropical Zoo, Guadeloupe Islands

As you can see, Guadeloupe islands is really a perfect place to enjoy amazing holidays with your kids. So, don’t hesitate anymore, come and join us. I will be happy to make your children experience local kids life.

I hope my insights will help you, don’t hesitate to comment below.


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