I love going to the beach in the early morning

Let me share with you a secret:

Going to the beach in the early morning in Guadeloupe islands is one of my favorite pleasure!

saint-anne beach guadeloupe

You probably think: ”Really! In the early morning????”

Yes my dear reader!! The first time I experienced going to the beach in the early morning was with my Mum. She suggested me to go with her at Sainte-Anne’s beach at 7:00am. Oh my god, it was so early for me. I used to go to the beach from 11am onward… But, I agreed to go with her anyway…

And you know what?

I loved this experience!

  • I love feeling alone on the beach. There are not many people on the beach early in the morning.
  • I love its crystalline water. Because of the few people in the water and the beautiful light, you can enjoy the seabed easily.
  • I love the sunrise lights
  • I love the temperature. It is perfect at this time. Not too hot but enough to enjoy serenely the beach. At 8am you already have a temperature of 29°C and the water is 26°C.
  • I love the atmosphere: you will meet runners, people doing yoga, senior people, parents with young children.
  • I love starting my day with this invigorating bath. Do you know that seawater has enormous health benefits. Seawater provides the body with many fundamental energizing mineral salts (sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium). It’s like a free thalassotherapy. It’s also a good remedy for joints.
  • I love the serenity that it gives off, the bathers are relaxed and smiling. The sea is calm, the sun is nice. There is neither the agitation of passers-by nor the street sellers. A real pleasure!

So what’s better than starting a wonderful day with this nice beach getaway!

My favorite place to enjoy this moment is on Sainte-Anne beach, the one of the center of the city. Indeed, besides being a beautiful beach, there is also a cute market where I love ending this beautiful morning by enjoying a typical creole snack: “Le boudin créole” (creole pudding).

In this market, there are two nice men dressed with white clothes. They will be glad to help you choosing between the different varieties of our “boudin créole”. I love eating my “boudin créole” with the french baguette, like tapas.

I hope you will try this experience and share it with me by commenting this post.

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