5 steps to plan your trip in Guadeloupe islands (part 2)

5 steps to plan trip in Guadeloupe part 2

You have probably ever read the part 1 of this post “5 steps to plan your trip in Guadeloupe islands“. If not, you should read it.

Here, the 3 last steps:

  1. Define the period and the duration of your travel
  2. Define the best place to stay in Guadeloupe
  3. Book your flight ticket, your accommodation and your car rental
  4. Build a rough itinerary
  5. Book the paying activities

Step 3 –  Book your flight ticket, your accommodation and your car rental

– Flight ticket

To have lower prices, you should book your flight ticket as soon as you decided to visit Guadeloupe island. I advise to take the flight as early in the morning as possible, it will allow you to enjoy the first day in Guadeloupe, and to fight efficiently against jet lag.

How to reach Guadeloupe?

  • From France: 3 airlines do the connection from Paris (Orly Airport ORY ) to Guadeloupe (Pôle Caraïbes Airport PTP): Air France, Air Caraïbes and Corsair.
    The flight lasts around 8 hours. Only a national identity card will be enough (for EU citizens).
    The services of the three airline companies are equal, so my advice is to book the ticket with the lower price.
  • From USANorgewian airline company does the direct connection from USA to Guadeloupe (Pôle Caraïbes Airport PTP). You can fly from the airports of New York (JFK), Boston (BOS), Baltimore (BWI) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL). The airline operates from november to march.
    You can also find direct flights with American airlines.

For further information, please go to the airlines websites:

– Accommodation

You will have many options for your accommodation in Guadeloupe. It will depend on your needs, your wishes and your budget.

  • What do you want to see, to experience?
  • Which level of comfort? a swimming pool, a garden, a kitchen…
  • Which type of food service? all inclusive, half-board, no food service
  • Which direct environment? in the rainforest, close to the beach, close to nightlife…

Your choice will be also based on the people involved in your trip. You will not expect the same for a couple, a group of friend, or a family with small children.

3 main types of accommodation are available:

  • Hotel: it’s for those who love to be fully taken care and to have  things organized (restaurants, cleaning services, activities) but may displease those who are looking for a bit of autonomy and independence … Hotels are also less in direct touch with local life.
  • Guest House: it’s for those who want to be immersed a bit more in local life. It’s often smaller structures in Guadeloupean s’ houses. You may enjoy in guest house some facilities, as food services for instance.
  • Holidays rentals: it’s for those who want fully autonomy and independence. This type of accommodation always has a kitchen and all facilities of an usual house. 

For your accommodation booking, below a few selection of websites:

– Car Rental

I deeply advise you to rent a car during your trip in Guadeloupe. A car is necessary to visit the island. Public transportation are not well organized. Besides, driving is quite easy and safe in Guadeloupe islands. The roads are good and well marked.

You can rent your car directly at the airport. Some accommodations provide this type of service, too. See directly with them.

For those who prefer automatic car, book your car as early as possible. There are not many automatic car available in Guadeloupe.

For your car rental, below a few selection of websites:

Step 4 –  Build a rough itinerary

Once you have defined when to go to Guadeloupe, how to travel to Guadeloupe and where to stay in Guadeloupe, it’s time to think about what to do in Guadeloupe islands?

And although this part is the most interesting one, it’s also the most time consuming one… Nowadays, we have so many information, that we feel often lost in this jungle.

Let me help you! Let think about your itineray!

The itinerary is not something in which we lock into but a list of organized wishes for our dreamed holidays. The itinerary  permits you to organize a minimum your trip in order to prevent yourself from being worried about the program of each day once you will be in Guadeloupe. Besides, it allows you to be sure that you will manage to enjoy the activities which worth for you. Build an itinerary doesn’t mean kill improvisation or spontaneity, it is only a reliable ground to better express yourself.

Here, some advices to build efficiently your trip in my Guadeloupe islands:

You should know what you want to do accordingly with what Guadeloupe has to offer!
You can read the traditional travel guides. They will give you a great picture of what to do, what to see and what to experience in this french west-indies island. Travel blogs from persons who visited Guadeloupe can also give you a more inside view. Finally, there are also interesting Facebook pages which share beautiful photos of Guadeloupe, they can allow you to build your dreamed picture of Guadeloupe.

All these sources of information give you a full picture of Guadeloupe. They allow you to build your itinerary alone. But, it could be time consuming, you can miss authentic experiences in Guadeloupe. Because, all these way of information have been often done by tourists for tourists. So, I strongly advise you to refer to local people to better know Guadeloupe islands.

My blog from inside is a good way to have a picture of Guadeloupe islands from inside. Besides, I offer to build together your Unique trip. Have a look on my Guadeloupe Yourself services.

Once, you feel inspired, it’s time to define what you want to do?

My advice: Be creative! Don’t limit yourself!

Guadeloupe islands have so much experiences to offer that you have to think about what you really want to do in Guadeloupe. Don’t only copy and past the itinerary of someone else, build your UNIQUE trip!

Don’t only copy and past the itinerary of someone else, build your UNIQUE trip!

To finish, let me give you some additional advices to build the day to day itinerary:

  • Don’t try to do too many things each day. You should take time to feel your destination, that means keep free moments during your day to just enjoy the moments. 2/3 different activities a day is a good ratio. Try to mix a “nature” getaway (beach, rainforest, waterfalls,..), and a cultural one (museum, market,…).
  • Do research about the travel time from a place to another one. Don’t only base your estimation on the mileage because there are many curvy roads so the travels can last longer. Moreover, keep in mind that Guadeloupe is a lively island and you would probably join traffic jam when people go and come back from work.
  • Try to organise each day in the same area. That means if you want to do something in Grande-Terre, stay in Grande-Terre for all day long and the same for Basse-Terre. The less you spend time on the road, the best it will be.
  • Organize your day accordingly with the sunrise (6am) and the sunset (6pm). Maybe you can start your day in the early morning. The island will be quite, the temperature will be hot but not too much and you will have all the day long to enjoy Guadeloupe islands! 

Step 5 –  Book the paying activities

Congratulations!! You are almost done with your trip planning!

Among all things you would like to do, identify the activities which are paying activities. Hopefully in Guadeloupe, you have so many thins to do without taking out your wallet 🙂

For the paying one, it can be useful to book them in advance. Indeed, regarding the period and the kind of activities you want, you may have difficulties to book them. To finish, the earlier you book the activities, the better prices you will have.

To book the activities, you can call directly the providers.

I hope you feel more comfortable with the planning of your trip in Guadeloupe islands. Don’t hesitate if you want some precisions.

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