5 steps to plan your trip in Guadeloupe islands (part 1)

5 steps to plan trip in Guadeloupe part 1islands

Congratulations! You have decided to visit Guadeloupe islands!

It’s time to start planning your travel. It will not be the easiest part of the adventure. You may be overwhelmed with the huge amount of information available on the Internet. Or on the contrary, especially if you speak english, you may have some difficulties to find quality information in english to organize your trip.

This post will answer the more frequent questions you will face while planning your travel to Guadeloupe islands and at the end you will able to:

  1. Define the period and the duration of your travel
  2. Define the best place to stay in Guadeloupe
  3. Book your flight ticket, your accommodation and your car rental
  4. Build a rough itinerary
  5. Book the paying activities

Step 1 –  Define the period and the duration of your travel

When is the best period to travel in Guadeloupe islands? How long to stay?

These questions seem obvious but it’s the crucial questions you need to answer. They will define your budget, your type of accommodation and your itinerary.

Let’s start by the 1st question: When is the best period to travel in Guadeloupe islands?

To answer this question, you should take in account 2 things.

The first one will be the season. We have two major seasons:

  • The high season in Guadeloupe is from december to april

It’s a perfect season to travel in Guadeloupe. Firstly, the climate is supposed to be sunnier, warmer and without hurricanes. Moreover, during this period you will leave the winter season in Europe, USA, Canada to enjoy a temperature of 28°C at least. This season is also the high tourist season so all the restaurants, hotels, bars, activities will be open. However, this season is also the most expensive and the most crowded one. You will probably join more people on the beach, in the hotels, in the restaurants.

  • The low season is from may to november

The weather is a little bit more unstable. That means that you can face more rainy, cloudy days. But, keep in mind that Guadeloupe is a tropical island and you will always enjoy warm weather and sunny days. Besides, during this period, you will benefit from low prices. The flight ticket, the accommodation and the activities will be more affordable. To finish, the islands will host less visitors, that means the opportunity to enjoy the beaches, the rivers, the waterfalls alone. 

I think may and june mix the benefits of the two seasons: great weather and more affordable prices.

You should also consider the events, festivals taking place during your holidays period.

My travel philosophy is to feel the place, not only visit it. Therefore, I will advice you to select, if possible, your travel accordingly with events taking place in Guadeloupe. Experience these authentic sharing moments of Guadeloupe life will bring you, for sure, unforgettable memories.

  • Carnival: Carnival is a real institution in Guadeloupe. From the 1st sunday of january until the Ash Wednesday, the island quivers with the rhythm of Carnival. The high point is during the Shrovetide (“Jours Gras”). You will be immersed in colorful costumes, vibrant music and warm atmosphere.
  • Easter: Easter celebration is a huge family sharing moment in Guadeloupe. The tradition of Easter sunday (april) is to share dishes using local crabs while camping on the beach.
  • Gwoka Festival: Gwoka is our typical music in Guadeloupe. It is an art combining music played with the instrument called Ka, a typical drum. The music is accompanied by singers and dancers. In July, the Gwoka Festival takes place in the city of Sainte-Anne.
    For further information on Gwoka, read my previous post!
  • Christmas: Christmas is the most important moment of the year for Guadeloupean people. They largely celebrate this period with all usual signs (christmas tree, Santa claus, lights, …). Besides, during the month of december, events called “Chanté Nwèl” take place everywhere in Guadeloupe. During “Chanté Nwèl”, people of all ages gather to sing Christmas songs on Caribbean beats. It’s a wonderful sharing moment!

At this stage, I hope you have all the information you need to chose the period of your next holidays in Guadeloupe.

Another frequent question is about the duration of an ideal trip in Guadeloupe: How long should I stay in Guadeloupe islands?

My advice is to stay at least 10 days. Indeed, you should know that Guadeloupe is an archipelago of fives islands with each their own identity. You will need time to discover them. Besides, Guadeloupe islands have a diversity of landscapes, from lush rainforest to white sandy beaches. You will have a lot of spots to discover. So, a ten days travel will allow you to enjoy a great picture of Guadeloupe beauties, without being in a hurry.

Step 2 –  Define the best place to stay in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe islands is a “multi-destination” travel experience. The diversity of our landscapes (white beaches, crystal clear water, lush forest, …), the multitude of activities (diving, surfing, canyoning, hiking) and the rich cultural heritage multiply endlessly the type of holidays you can experience there.
So, I advice to think about what would you like to experience in Guadeloupe. What will look like your “UNIQUE” holiday trip? These answers will allow you to select the best place to stay.

For instance, if:

  • You want to enjoy the pleasure of white sand beach, the classic picture of Caribbean beautiful beaches. You don’t want to visit many places of the island. You don’t want to drive a lot. You want to stay in a tourist place with a lively nightlife.

The best place to stay will be in Grande-Terre, in the cities of Saint-François or Sainte-Anne


  • You want to enjoy the green part of Guadeloupe islands. You want to climb the volcano, to do mountain hiking, to do canyoning… You prefer to enjoy wild golden and dark sand beaches. You want to stay in small villages, not too tourist places. You are prepared to drive to visit the island.

The best place to stay will be in Basse-Terre, in the cities of Bouillante, Pointe-Noire or Deshaies


  • You want to see the two parts of Guadeloupe: the more tourist part and the more “green” one. But you stay in Guadeloupe islands for less than 2 weeks. You should stay in a central city of the island with easy access to all the main places.

The best place to stay will be in Grande-Terre, in the city of Gosier


  • You want also to visit the entire island and have at least 2 weeks. You should divide your trip in two parts and have two accommodations.

The best places to stay will be in Grande-Terre, in the cities of Sainte-Anne or Saint-François for one week and in Basse-Terre in the cities of Bouillante, Pointe-Noire or Deshaies for the second week


  • You want to enjoy the luxury of deserted white-sand beaches, live in a non-tourist place. You want to experience an authentic small island. You are not particularly interested by the mountain part of Guadeloupe. Being cut off from the world is that you are looking for. 

The best place to stay will be in Marie-Galante. One of the 3 dependent islands of Guadeloupe


At this stage, you have all my advices to define the best place to stay in Guadeloupe accordingly with your wishes for your trip.

Stay connected, in the part 2 of this post (next week), I will help you with the remaining steps: the booking  part and the building of your itinerary.

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  1. Polly | 22nd Sep 16

    Thank you Vitty, your blog is very nice to read! I am coming for 10 days for Carnival and after. Guadeloupe seems like such an interesting place, I am so looking forward to it. I’m trying to figure out where to stay because I am from New Orleans where we also have Carnival, and I don’t want to be stuck in the thick of tourists, but I do want to experience some culture and music! Am wondering if the smaller downs on Basse Terre have a good, less touristy carnival… other than that I am interested mainly in snorkeling and nature. I also want to visit the towns of Pointe a Pitre and Basse Terre to see the history and culture and if it is anything like home. I don’t expect personalized advice, but if you do have any to give, I am certainly grateful for it!

    • Vitty | 22nd Sep 16

      Hello!! I’ m glad you enjoyed the blog. I love sharing my love of Guadeloupe islands! Accordingly with your wishes (authentic carnival, culture, nature, snorkeling, …) You should definitely stay near Pointe-Noire, Deshaies. You will be closed to rainforest to enjoy its beauties, close to great snorkeling spots (beach of Petite Anse, for instance ) and this area is not too touristy. For the carnival, don’t be worried, Carnival is really a huge moment of sharing for Guadeloupean people, so wherever you go you will be immersed in the local atmosphere of Carnival. Moreover, do you know that you can join a carnival band during your stay and by this way enjoy Carnival from inside?

  2. Polly | 23rd Sep 16

    I am so thankful to hear that!! I have had my eye on Pointe Noire, but couldn’t find any information – which I took as a good sign that it maybe has fewer tourists :o) but not sure. Thank you so much, I am so excited to get to see Carnival and this beautiful place you’re lucky to be from. Here we dance through the streets at Carnival and it sounds like in Guadeloupe the same. I can’t wait to be a part, thank you so much Vitty, I don’t feel so lost!

  3. 5 steps to plan your trip in Guadeloupe islands (part 2) - Guadeloupe For You | 27th Sep 16

    […] You have probably ever read the part 1 of this post “5 steps to plan your trip in Guadeloupe islands”. If not, you can read it there. […]

  4. Germaine | 25th Oct 16

    Bonjour, nous allons avec des amis en Guadeloupe au mois de Décembre. Nous avons loue une maison a sainte-Anne. Quelles sont les choses absolument a voir. Nous restons 2 semaines. Merci de vos bons conseils.

    • Vitty | 28th Oct 16

      Bonjour Germaine!
      Félicitation! La Guadeloupe c’est un endroit magique! Je suis persuadée que vous allez y trouver votre bonheur 😉
      2 semaines c’est une durée idéale de séjour pour réellement profiter des multiples facettes de la Guadeloupe. C’est une destination qui a tant de choses à offrir, il y en a pour chaque goût!
      Je te conseille chaudement une journée à la Pointe des Châteaux. C’est un endroit merveilleux qui permet de vivre de véritables expériences.
      Jette un oeil sur mon article à ce sujet pour avoir des idées.
      J’adore également passé du bon temps du côté de l’île des Saintes. Le “must” est d’y passer une nuit pour profiter de l’île au calme.
      Ne manque pas un samedi matin à Pointe-à-Pitre. Le coeur de la ville vibre avec le Gwoka, la musique traditionnelle de la Guadeloupe au son de notre tambour le Ka. J’ai fait un article à ce sujet. .
      Enfin, la découverte de notre volcan endormi la soufrière est une belle aventure!

      Je serai ravie de te concocter un voyage à ton image. Avec un séjour de 2 semaines, vous pouvez réellement avoir un merveilleux voyage. La Guadeloupe regorge d’endroits magnifiques que je peux vous aider à vivre, à ressentir comme un local.

      N’hésite pas à me contacter par mail.


  5. Kim | 20th Feb 17

    Hi Vitty, I just discovered your blog during my research on the Guadeloupe Islands. I want to visit the island for a few days next month or early April. I want to go to relax, I’ve been needing to get away. Is Sainte-Anne a good place to visit? Also, I don’t speak French but I really want to experience what Guadeloupe has to offer. Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • Vitty | 22nd Feb 17


      Glad to see that you decided to discover my awesome islands. It’s really a secret beautiful destination. There are activities, place to visit for each needs. I saw you want to rest, relax in Guadeloupe islands.

      I will be glad to help you but I need to know in deeper details your expectations for this trip? How long you will stay in Guadeloupe islands? Which types of activities do you like? Do you prefer rainforest activities (hiking, waterfalls) or marine environment (beach, snorkeling, diving)?

      Let me know on vitty@guadeloupeforyou.com.

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