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Daily Archives: September 14, 2016

5 steps to plan your trip in Guadeloupe islands (part 1)

5 steps to plan trip in Guadeloupe part 1islands

Congratulations! You have decided to visit Guadeloupe islands!

It’s time to start planning your travel. It will not be the easiest part of the adventure. You may be overwhelmed with the huge amount of information available on the Internet. Or on the contrary, especially if you speak english, you may have some difficulties to find quality information in english to organize your trip.

This post will answer the more frequent questions you will face while planning your travel to Guadeloupe islands and at the end you will able to:

  1. Define the period and the duration of your travel
  2. Define the best place to stay in Guadeloupe
  3. Book your flight ticket, your accommodation and your car rental
  4. Build a rough itinerary
  5. Book the paying activities