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Monthly Archives: August 2016

10 Good Reasons to discover Guadeloupe

For years, Guadeloupe has been a privileged place for French travelers. For some years, travelers from all over the world are coming to discover this French Caribbean island. I’m glad of this new trend as Guadeloupe has a  huge potential to share. You don’t really know if Guadeloupe will suit your needs or still hesitate to visit us?

Here are 10 goods reasons why experience Guadeloupe can be your next holidays option!

1. You are looking for a destination that combines sea and forest: Welcome to Guadeloupe!


Guadeloupe is an island blessed by Gods! Yes I’m sure!

No matter where you will be, you will discover beautiful landscapes. This diversity of landscapes makes Guadeloupe a complete destination and this, in a small geographical area.

In a few hours you can go from lush rainforest to the beauty of a white sandy beach.

You’ll love exploring the beaches which have their own identity…

White sand, red sand, wild beach, busy beach, calm sea, stormy sea…

You dreamed of your perfect beach, for sure this beach exists in Guadeloupe.

And Guadeloupe is also a vast pristine national park that will offer you all the pleasures of the rainforest. You’ll find little treasures like breathtaking waterfalls, intimate pools, dense vegetation, and active volcano.

I think you will find in Guadeloupe your postcard landscape 🙂

GWOKA, the heartbeats of Guadeloupe

I woke up this morning with the sound of Gwoka in my mind. Gwoka is our typical music in Guadeloupe. This vibrant music is a key part of all Guadeloupe’ s lifestyle.
My very first contact with Gwoka was at school where I met a passionate teacher who passed on me the value, the message and the rhythm of Gwoka.
Gwoka was born during slavery in the past century, this music has been created by the slaves to help them endure the atrocity of their conditions and communicate with each other.

Nowadays, Gwoka music is played during all types of events in Guadeloupe.


Photo taken by Anais C.

Gwoka is an art combining music played with the instrument called Ka, a typical drum. The music is accompanied by singers and dancers. Gwoka is usually played in a round dance, called “Lawonn”.