10 Good Reasons to discover Guadeloupe

For years, Guadeloupe has been a privileged place for French travelers. For some years, travelers from all over the world are coming to discover this French Caribbean island. I’m glad of this new trend as Guadeloupe has a  huge potential to share. You don’t really know if Guadeloupe will suit your needs or still hesitate to visit us?

Here are 10 goods reasons why experience Guadeloupe can be your next holidays option!

1. You are looking for a destination that combines sea and forest: Welcome to Guadeloupe!


Guadeloupe is an island blessed by Gods! Yes I’m sure!

No matter where you will be, you will discover beautiful landscapes. This diversity of landscapes makes Guadeloupe a complete destination and this, in a small geographical area.

In a few hours you can go from lush rainforest to the beauty of a white sandy beach.

You’ll love exploring the beaches which have their own identity…

White sand, red sand, wild beach, busy beach, calm sea, stormy sea…

You dreamed of your perfect beach, for sure this beach exists in Guadeloupe.

And Guadeloupe is also a vast pristine national park that will offer you all the pleasures of the rainforest. You’ll find little treasures like breathtaking waterfalls, intimate pools, dense vegetation, and active volcano.

I think you will find in Guadeloupe your postcard landscape 🙂

2. You want to discover several islands in one trip

les saintes bay Guadeloupe

Good news! Guadeloupe is not only one island but actually an archipelago consists of five islands!

  • The two main islands, each represents one of the butterfly wings: Basse-Terre with its rainforest, wild beaches with dark sand and Grande-Terre with its white beaches, its azure sea and its rugged coastlin
  • Les Saintes: this island has one of the 3 most beautiful bays in the world. Just that! A small island with colorful houses and incredible scenery
  • Marie-Galante: the island of pure authenticity. You can taste the best rums in the world, lay down on these beautiful and deserted beaches … yeaah ! I said deserted!
  • Desirade: this is the most intimate of all the islands of Guadeloupe. We love the atmosphere: calm and serenity are what you will find. Desirade secretly hides a natural reserve with an exceptional geology studied by the scientific community.

You can easily join each island by boat for an inexpensive price.

3. You want to bask in the sun, but not only…


Photo taken by Anais C.

In Guadeloupe, you will find an activity for each of your desires.

Depends on your wishes, you will be able to discover the seabed of the Cousteau reserve, stunning landscapes in Quad, beautiful beaches on horseback and also hike in the lush rainforest, sail on the azure sea in catamaran, rappel down waterfalls during canyoning trips, all on a tiny piece of island.

You’ll never get bored! Trust me!

4. You want to feel in France but with Caribbean flavors

beautiful beach moule guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a part of France but in the Caribbean sea. It means that you will find the typical French culture as French bakeries, French wines, and French champagnes. French culture in a paradise island in Caribbean Sea.

If you want to improve your french, learn french or hear the so cute french accent, Guadeloupe is definitely the place to be.

5. You are greedy, and travel is also synonymous with good food!


You’ll be served! Creole cuisine is tasty, rich of all the influences that have marked its history (French, African, and Indian). The Guadeloupe has invented a cuisine rich in taste and color. You will enjoy its traditional recipes: “Colombo”, “Boudin créole”,” Accras de morue” and also other unusual flavors like “lambi”, (conch with a delicate taste), “Ouassou” (river crayfish) or “Cabri” (local goat). Let yourself be tempted! Real delight!

You’re a fan of street food, tastes the bokit, fried bread filled with chicken and creole sauce. I love our local “burger” 🙂

Anyway, there is something for everyone and all pleasures. Greedy Word!

6. You want to connect to the culture and the traditions of your visited country


Coming in Guadeloupe is not only be dazzled by the beauty of its landscapes but also by the discovery of a country with its traditions, its history and its culture.

Guadeloupe is proud of its history that can be discovered in its main museum “The Memorial Act”. All  year long, traditional events take place. You will be immersed in the carnival, in its family picnics at Easter, in its “Chanté Nwèl” (Christmas parties). Do not hesitate a moment, these moments of sharing change a journey.

7. You want a place where you can share with local people


Guadeloupe is a place where you can create genuine interactions with local people. You will be able to experience their local lifestyles. Tourism in Guadeloupe is not disconnected from local life. You will discover a smiling people, a combative people, a festive people, and a people eager to share their world with you.

8.You want to enjoy charming and quality accommodation


Photo taken by Luca Moglia.

The offer of accommodation in Guadeloupe is full of charm. You can lodge in cabins in the woods, floating houses on the turquoise water lagoon, charming cottages nestled in the lush forest, and villas with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea … You will always be welcomed there by kind hosts who really want to share a little piece of their paradise.

9. You love to be amazed by a beautiful sunsets


Guadeloupe is full of spots where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. I love staring at the horizon, see the sun going slowly in an explosion of beautiful colors, and then, suddenly, disappear. Time seems to stop…

10. Your wish is to create a genuine experience of traveling

You want a UNIQUE experience for your holidays. Your wish is to discover things you will not discover elsewhere. Feel emotions during your trip, learn new things, connect more deeply with people. Guadeloupe can offer you that something extra! You will be back home full of unforgettable memories.

My will through this article is to show you that Guadeloupe is a place where you can experience your Unique travel. It is a destination so rich that you can build the journey that’s worth for you. Think about your values, your needs and just experience Guadeloupe.

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