3 tips to enjoy your “SHORT” trip in Guadeloupe islands


Lighthouse, Vieux-Fort, Guadeloupe Islands

You have heard about Guadeloupe and you have succumbed to the temptation to visit this island.

Great news!

Unfortunately, you only have few days off  to enjoy the wonders of the island.

Don’t worry!

Even if you stay 5 days, 4 days or even 3 days, Guadeloupe islands will charm you,  and I’m pretty sure that you will come back.

I will not hide the fact than 3, 4 or 5 days is really a short time for a trip in Guadeloupe islands, so let me help you enjoying this short stay at best.

Below some advices to have a short but INTENSE trip.

Guadeloupe islands, the perfect holidays destination with kids

This morning, I rediscovered the pleasure of enjoying Bois-Jolan beach with my daughter. My daughter is 3 years old, and she really loves when we go to this beach.  Me too,  when I was a kid, I spent some much time playing in the sand with my sisters and my cousines. We loved doing sand castles, catching small crabs, making water battles. We didn’t see the time going….

Bois Jolan beach, Guadeloupe islands

Growing up in a such awesome environment was a real richness.

If you have kids, offer them this wonderful experience. They will love it! Guadeloupe islands is really a perfect place to have holidays.

At the fish market in Guadeloupe islands

This morning in my kitchen, you would have heard the whistling of my pressure cooker and the crackling of a frying.  For good reason, I enjoyed a fried fish accompanied by rice and lentils. A typical and delicious meal here, in Guadeloupe islands.


The story of this lunch started earlier in the morning at the fish market of Saint-François…

I DON’T have a ” Top 10 list in Guadeloupe islands”


For someone like me, who loves Guadeloupe islands and is eager to share the beauties of her paradise with travelers, how can I say that “I DON’T have a Top 10 list in Guadeloupe islands” ?

Let me explain! 😉

People usually ask me: “What are the 10 best things to do in Guadeloupe islands?” , “Can you advise the must-see and the must-do?

Yippee!! A new person interested by Guadeloupe!!! I’m always glad to help people discovering my island but I feel a little bit uncomfortable for answering this kind of questions…

Guadeloupe islands by Swé

I was looking for a great video clip about Guadeloupe islands to share with you guys.
My wish was to make you experience Music, in Guadeloupe, through pictures.
I remember I was on YouTube when my husband arrived and told me that I absolutely had to look at the video clip PAPYON of Swé ! I really enjoyed it and I thought that it would be really interesting to meet Swé and to get an overview of Guadeloupe islands through her eyes.

Swé is one of the best new generation singers in Guadeloupe. She is a great representation of guadeloupean music because she sings : Dance-hall, Hip-hop, Reggae, Zouk and Soul ! Young people say : Swé gets “the flow” !
Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I will write a post on our Music in Guadeloupe Islands !

I would like to thanks Swé for the interview because she is really involved in the promotion of Guadeloupe islands and her bursts of laughter are just awesome !

Enjoy the video clip PAPYON !!! (it’s better in HD)

From New York to Guadeloupe islands for less than 650 US$


Dear my US friends,

What do you think about enjoying an amazing deserted beach in Guadeloupe islands while your friends are freezing in New York ‘s winter? Or maybe  would you prefer swimming in a gorgeous waterfall lost in the lush  rainforest?

Whatever your wishes for your dreamed winter getaway, Guadeloupe islands is the perfect place to experience it!

Have a look on my previous post 10 good reasons to discover Guadeloupe islands and don’t hesitate anymore!

Guadeloupe islands are just waiting for you! Hurry up!!

I love going to the beach in the early morning

Let me share with you a secret:

Going to the beach in the early morning in Guadeloupe islands is one of my favorite pleasure!

saint-anne beach guadeloupe

You probably think: ”Really! In the early morning????”

Carnival is coming in Guadeloupe islands

Ask a Guadeloupean people which is the best festive period in Guadeloupe?

They will answer for sure: Carnival !


Photo taken by Colbi Media 

Carnival is an institution in Guadeloupe islands!

It’s a major part of the DNA of our islands, Guadeloupe without its Carnival time will not be Guadeloupe anymore .

People are immersed in carnival since their childhood! When I was a child, preparing the parade of the school, was a key moment of the year. My eyes sparkled from the choice of our costume until the parade in the street in front of the proud eyes of my mother.

A perfect day at Pointe des Chateaux


Today, I would like to share ideas for one day in the extreme east part of Guadeloupe islands: Pointe des Chateaux.

This area in Guadeloupe is for lovers of big place where nature is wild and preserved from human hands. Here the nature expresses itself by the beauty of its wild sea, its vertiginous cliffs, its gorgeous panoramas and its rich undersea life.

I Love Mechoui in Guadeloupe


When I think about Guadeloupe Islands, a tradition comes immediately on my mind : Mechoui !

You certainly know what it is or you have heard this word before because this dish is well-known in the cuisine of Northern Africa.